Meat & Dairy


Our ChickensWe have a flock of some 40 hens. They have their own small field to run about in, dustbath and in fact behave as normal chickens do.

Eggs are sold from the farm gate in our own delivery ‘Granville’ bicycle.

Lamb and Hoggett

Shetland and Hampshire Down – whole or half carcasses are available in October/November.  To discuss please call Jane or John.

The Shetland meat is unique , a darker meat with a delicious flavour.  This is sold at 18 months to give the animal time to develop a reasonable size, although still manageable for a couple or small family.


Our pigs are rare breed Saddleback crosses which provide excellent meat. It’s an old cliché but you really can taste the difference. Currently we have –

  1. Sausages – Traditional Pork, Pork and Leek, Cumberland at £8.90 per kilo
  2. Chops (2) at £7.80 per kilo
  3. Belly at £7.00 per kilo
  4. Boneless Leg Joint at £7.80 per kilo
  5. Shoulder Joint at £6.50 per kilo

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